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Why do I need a career coach I hear you ask?

Well everything we learn in life is taught by a specialist. When you went to school, you had specialist subject teachers, when you joined a sports team you were taught by a specialist in their sports career.

In order to achieve the best results you need a specialist to coach you!

It is the same principle with your career, you may have had some advice at school or from friends and family however having a career coach to understand you and what drives you will ensure your career is a success.

Working with a specialist career coach to work on one of your priorities will be the start of you kick starting your career.


CV, Cover letter and LinkedIn

CV writing service, cover letter preparation, LinkedIn optimisation

Work with a coach to turn your CV into an ATS beating document, Cover letters that hiring managers will not want to put down and a LinkedIn profile tips that get you hired faster.

Job Search Strategy

Job search strategy, best methods to find next job using job sites, networking, referrals. Be step in career.

Searching for a job feels like a full time job! With the right coaching strategies you will learn job searching techniques to get you hired faster in your career. Why wait?

Interview Coaching

Careers Avenue offer interview coaching to prepare you for daunting interviews. Learn to overcome standard interview questions.

Are you looking to overcome your interview fears? A coach will set a strategy to overcome your fears, develop your pitch and overcome the hardest interview questions.

Career Change

Careers Avenue offer career change coaching services. Are you unsure of your next career move? this is the ideal career change coaching course.

Need some help deciding on the right career path? Your career coach will analyse your strengths and build a plan which will see you invigorated with a new career.

Career Growth

Love your career however not growing, this coaching course will provide you with the skills needed to grow your career.

Enjoy your work however not sure how far it can take you in your career? Working with a career coach will help you take the necessary steps to work your way up the career ladder.


Are you an entrepreneur or not sure. Take up our entrepreneurial course to find out if being an entrepreneur is for you

You believe you have some entrepreneurial skills however not sure how to use them? Why not let a coach help harness your skills and help put them to good use.

How it Works


Choose a Service

Pick the best coaching option to help you tackle and overcome your career obstacle. All sessions are £99 for 50 minutes.


Book a Session

Once you have booked a session, a career coach will get back to you within one business day to schedule an appointment


Get Started

Meet your career coach over phone or video for 50 minutes and kick start your career

Job Search Strategy

Where do I start? After years of applying for jobs on job sites, I did not realise how many other strategies were available to finding work. Within a week I had 3 job offers based on the enjoyable coaching I received. Thank you!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

CV Writing

Wow! I genuinely thought I had a good CV until I received this specific coaching on CV writing. I was doing OK getting interviews however once the CV was re-written I was getting more interviews which turned into offers.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Interview Coaching

I am normally really a nervous wreck going for interviews, however since the coaching I received I feel confident talking about my background and now tackling interview questions from employers. I wish I took the coaching sooner!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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