Hi, I’m Kaan Azmi the founder of Careers Avenue helping you with your career goals. Let’s face it the choices you make in your career has an impact on your life, so I have created this site to help you take the next step.

Life throws ups and downs at us and it is how we react that determines how we handle life. Your career choices is similar to life and I want to help you be more fulfilled, healthy and successful in your career.

I have been working in the careers industry for over 20 years (I know I don’t look it!), and have helped numerous individuals change their lives!

Careers Avenue, Kaan Azmi with family. Talking about careers, jobs, interview tips, job search techniques.

Outside of the working environment I am husband to Beklem and father to my 3 boys – Kerem, Deren and Kayden. Poor Beklem has plenty of testosterone to deal with in our house with all us boys. Even Picasso our dog is a boy!

Careers Avenue, Kaan Azmi highlighting his dog on his careers site talking about job search, interview tips, CV writing.

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