10 Best Work From Home Jobs

Careers Avenue blog on best work from home jobs. Working from home is in demand so read out 10 different work jobs from home.

Working from home to earn a living is so in demand right now, I have put together realistic ways you can start earning money. You may be out of work or just looking to earn some extra income. These tips will have you earning money in no time.

1. Freelance

We all have a skill so why not put it to use, there are businesses and individuals willing to pay for your services. You may be an accountant who can offer bookkeeping skills, or you may work in administration so working as a virtual assistant in an option.

Some of the main skills looked for on freelance sites include; Bookkeeper, Writer, Proof reader, Social Media management, Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Customer Service, Event Planner.

There are freelance sites like Fiverr, People Per Hour or Freelancer where you can sign up and advertise your services. Businesses will put out a post for what they are looking for and you can bid on the work.

You can also write to local businesses offering your services.

2. Blogging

Like what I am doing here, writing blogs has become a passion of mine, if you are passionate about your work or lifestyle why not start writing about it. This requires time and patience and you will not see any benefits potentially for months however if it is your passion it is worth starting.

Bloggers can monetize their passion with affiliate marketing, advertising, sponsorships etc.

Start by creating a free blogging site at WordPress.

3. YouTube

Love being in front of the camera?

Then talk about something your passionate about on YouTube and earn money. This is not an easy one to crack however with time and patience you will start earning money by people watching your videos and eventually you can earn from sponsorship and advertising. You never know you could be the next YouTube star!

4. Online Selling

Look around the house, garage, loft, garden, wherever you can and find items you no longer use. If you have not used an item in the past 12 months seriously consider selling it!

Your so-called rubbish is someone else’s treasure so take some pictures write a description and sell on sites like Ebay, Shpock and Gumtree.

I have sold items like clothing, chairs, DVD players, garden pots etc, I would rather have the cash rather than sitting there doing nothing!

Once the business is developed you could set up your own online store using Shopify or WooCommerce.

5. Companies looking for you

Companies are looking for people like you who can work from home working in areas like customer services, IT, accounts, etc.

Check out companies like Apple and Amazon  who have dedicated pages on their sites for home working roles. The advantage of working for companies like these are steady income and discounts on their products (I love both products so will consider working for them myself 😊)

6. Repair Service

Good at repairing stuff?
This is a great opportunity to offer your services to repair items like bikes, laptops, phones, etc.
With people not wanting to go out you could offer to pick up the item and drop it off fully repaired.

7. Cooking

Are you a dab hand in the kitchen?

You could be good at baking and offer to sell cakes for birthday, anniversaries, wedding parties, etc. If savoury food is your speciality, why not sell ready cooked meals to the elderly to save them cooking and having to go out. There are plenty of options of whom to sell food to, just be creative!

I am a big fan of Amazon Fresh, order now, book a slot for tomorrow and start earning money!

8. Ironing

I hate ironing and would pay anyone else to do it for me and I know I am not the only one!

Start up an ironing service and advertise on places like facebook and shpock, you could offer to do a pick up and drop off service.

My wife tells me this steam iron at Amazon is good for ironing in bulk.

9. Online Coaching / Teaching

Do you have a skillset you can teach or coach?

There are plenty of requirements for teaching English to foreign students however you will need a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification (use code 09AB6A35 at checkout to get 10% off). Course can take between 1-2 weeks to complete online.

 If you have a skill like growing a social media audience then offer to coach the service on a one on one or group basis depending on the interest.

You could design your own online course on sites like Udemy or Teachable and then promote.

10. Dog Walking

Most people do not want to leave their homes now so why not offer to take their dogs for a walk. A bit of fresh air and racking up your step count on your FitBit will help you whilst helping someone in need. If you are going for a walk anyway, why not take a dog! Sign up to a site like Rover where you can advertise your services.


I have included 10 of the best jobs you can do from home, there are plenty more out there however I wanted the list to be as generic as possible. If none of the above work for you, comment below with your skills and I will get back to you with home working roles.

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Author: Kaan Azmi

I have worked in the recruitment industry for over 20 years and have placed thousands of candidates in to their dream careers. I have always enjoyed passing my knowledge onto candidates to progress their careers. I provide information around CV and Coversheet writing, job search tips, interview techniques, salary negotiation, resignation letters, entrepreneurship, networking, first time jobber, graduate assessments, recruiter relationships, linkedin strategy, hiring, leadership & management, career fit, career change, career development, career goals, income & money. There are testimonials on the website and on my LinkedIn profile, please go and see the impact I have made on people's careers. My background has seen me start as a Resourcer which is where I learnt how to find candidates on job sites so I have a keen eye for a keyword in a CV. I then went onto become a Recruitment Consultant where I would engage with clients to understand their needs and deliver passive talent pools. I ended up managing teams of up to 30 individuals ensuring they achieved personal and company targets. I engage regularly on social media channels answering career based questions, feel free to look me up and connect! I am a family man, husband to Beks and father to my 3 boys. Well, 4 boys if you include Picasso our dog! Since I was a boy I have supported Liverpool FC, some would say I was a glory supporter however I started supporting them when they were not winning trophies and stuck with them through dark times. On wards and upwards and Liverpool FC are now achieving trophies on a regular basis. My aim is to help individual's with any aspect of their career, so please get in touch for more information on careers.

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