15 steps on finding a job

Careers Avenue blog on finding a job. Use this 15 step process and you will have your dream job to work in no time.

Finding a job is a full-time job and if you are reading this post you are probably getting frustrated with finding a job. Don’t be shy in your approach and try every avenue possible. Below are 15 steps to finding a job which have worked for candidates I have met over the years.

1.Family and Friends

Don’t be afraid to speak with your family and friends to let them know you are looking for a job. 50% of jobs are obtained through family and friends. Whether they are working or not or are self employed everyone is linked to someone who may be able to help. You may also be helping your family or friend as most companies pay for a recommendation.

In my first job I remember a friend asking me if I knew any recruiters looking for work and his company would pay me £250 if they were successful. Well, I just so happened to know 2 of my friends looking at new opportunities and they both secured the job and me £500 in the process. Not bad going for 2 minutes work!

2. Networking

If there are specialist networking events go and visit them as they have the right people and companies who are hiring or can point you in the right direction. Sites like Eventbrite and Meetup are great for finding events relevant to you

3. Social Media

All social media platforms are used by companies to advertise jobs, this is a free platform so lots of jobs are posted that are not posted elsewhere. LinkedIn is a social networking site for businesses so should be your first point of call. You will need to create a profile and you are then able to apply for jobs. Facebook has it’s own dedicated jobs section, where Twitter and Instagram use hashtags to advertise jobs. If you are not social it may be worth looking into this option as you could potentially be missing out on job opportunities.

4. Educational Institutes

Going back to school, college or universities is not a bad idea when looking for work. Educational Institutes have good links with employers and will be able to advise you on where to start. Some educational institutes offer ex-students paid jobs or internships to help them into work so always worthwhile getting in touch.

5. Social Clubs

If you are part of a sporting team, cookery class or any type of social environment you have people in that group that know you and will vouch for you if they know you are looking for work. Make sure they know your situation and explain what you are looking for and they will reach out to their network and see if there is anything suitable.

6. Job Sites

Applying for jobs on job sites like Reed, Total Jobs, CV Library, Monster and Indeed is very common. The positives of this is that there are plenty of jobs advertised directly by employers and recruitment agencies. The negatives are that you and everyone else can see all jobs advertised so there is lots of competition and you have no relationship with anyone at the company you are applying for.

7. Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies have relationships with companies and sometimes on an exclusive basis to deliver candidates. Research recruitment agencies that specialise in the type of work you are looking for and if they cover your location. Make contact and build a relationship with them as they know the market well and will be able to provide valuable insights.

8. Job Centre

Depending on your situation and the type of work you are looking for your local job centre will have local jobs available. Build a relationship with a job coach at the job centre and they will help you find suitable local roles.

9. Careers Fairs

There are local and national careers fairs on throughout the year so research when the next one is on near you. You can get in front of multiple employers at careers fairs and they will be able to tell you about the company culture and what it is like to work there. There will be other individuals looking for work at careers fairs however there are plenty of organisations who are recruiting for multiple roles so definitely worth attending.

10. Direct email

Put together a list of companies you would like to work for and research on their websites to find an email address for someone in the recruitment team or the hiring manager in your skillset. Email them introducing yourself, explain you have approached them directly as you have researched them, and you feel they are the right fit and you like their values. They will like your approach and will be able to advise you on suitable roles.

11. Door to Door

Similar to the point above, put together a list of companies you would like to work for and prepare hard copies of your CV and go and knock on their door and introduce yourself. I have done a similar approach and it worked for me! Make sure you are dressed in the appropriate dress code as you may be asked to come in for an interview straight away. There will not be many other individuals doing this approach and some companies like a different approach so try it. You have nothing to lose (well except a little dignity when they don’t see you)!

Careers Avenue showing you how to find a job in 15 simple steps. Job searching can seem daunting so follow our simple steps and we will have you in a job before you can blink.

12. Train stations

I see this approach more and more and have read 100% success rate however you need to be confident and charismatic to stand outside a main line train station at peak morning hours (6.30am-9am) with a board explaining you are looking for a job and with plenty of hard copies to hand out to prospective employers. Employers like a different approach and this is one which will get you noticed; you may even make the newspapers!

13. Google

We all use google everyday to search for one thing or another. Play around with key words to search for the work you are looking for. You will find other job sites, direct employers advertising or even blog posts so give it a try.

14. Be your own boss

Fed up with having to look for a job, have an idea for a business? Follow your heart and start your own business today. I started working for myself as I was fed up of just being a number and not having a voice. I wanted the flexibility to work the hours I wanted and set the structure of the business.

15. Talk to anyone

That’s right talk to anyone you bump into or speak with online. Whether you are at the shops, picking up a takeaway, chatting to people online whilst playing a game, you don’t know who is connected to who and if they can point you in the right direction. I secured my first job by talking to strangers on a plane. I was on a flight back from Tenerife and was talking to a couple of guys sitting next to me, I explained I was out of work and they said I had good people skills and I would be suited to a career in recruitment. 2 weeks later I was working with one of them in a recruitment company, the rest is history!


I am confident if you follow these 15 steps you will secure a job in no time. Remain positive, good things happen to those who wait!

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Author: Kaan Azmi

I have worked in the recruitment industry for over 20 years and have placed thousands of candidates in to their dream careers. I have always enjoyed passing my knowledge onto candidates to progress their careers. I provide information around CV and Coversheet writing, job search tips, interview techniques, salary negotiation, resignation letters, entrepreneurship, networking, first time jobber, graduate assessments, recruiter relationships, linkedin strategy, hiring, leadership & management, career fit, career change, career development, career goals, income & money. There are testimonials on the website and on my LinkedIn profile, please go and see the impact I have made on people's careers. My background has seen me start as a Resourcer which is where I learnt how to find candidates on job sites so I have a keen eye for a keyword in a CV. I then went onto become a Recruitment Consultant where I would engage with clients to understand their needs and deliver passive talent pools. I ended up managing teams of up to 30 individuals ensuring they achieved personal and company targets. I engage regularly on social media channels answering career based questions, feel free to look me up and connect! I am a family man, husband to Beks and father to my 3 boys. Well, 4 boys if you include Picasso our dog! Since I was a boy I have supported Liverpool FC, some would say I was a glory supporter however I started supporting them when they were not winning trophies and stuck with them through dark times. On wards and upwards and Liverpool FC are now achieving trophies on a regular basis. My aim is to help individual's with any aspect of their career, so please get in touch for more information on careers.

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